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Water supply project


Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Employer Prijedor municipality

Project period 2008 - 2011

Project title: Supply of equipment and facilities as well as construction services for water supply in the municipality of Prijedor

The municipality of Prijedor suffers from the lack of infrastructure for supplying drinking water, which results in serious threats to the health of the residents and significant obstacles to the development of the local economy.

The project includes connecting new water sources, rehabilitation of existing main pipe network and introducing an economically operable water supply system, in order to guarantee a sustainable supply of drinking water of adequate quality and quantity.

For this, it was specifically required to drill a new groundwater well next to the five existing well pumps and to modernise the electrical installation and pipelines. To increase the storage capacity through the construction of four new reservoirs and the maintenance (sealing) and modernising (pumps, pipelines, valves, electrical installation and central monitoring) to increase and stabilise a reservoir. Replacement of the worn and failure sensitive chlorination system, by a modern system. Redevelopment of the entire pipeline network between the wells, the storage and the pumping station to – isolated – house connections. Here, the cost effective Inline technology is used, in the existing flexible PE piping system, so that Civil Engineering Works is reduced to a minimum and thus keep economic and traffic obstacles in the town within tolerable limits.

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